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What Is A Wine Poem? 

 (adapted from Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine, edited by Stephen H. Bass)

Perhaps it started when one of our earliest of ancestors emerged from some forgotten cave grunting praises for the juice of found grapes gone bad.  Ever since, we homo sapiens have been praising, condemning, defending, and metaphorically using and abusing wine in our poetry.  The wine poem has been around since the inception of verse, leaving us with a collection of poetry that represents a virtual history of the poetic arts: from the lyrics of ancient Greece (that is, accompanied by the ancient lyre) to the birth of free verse, the “prose poem” – and beyond. is more than a poetic celebration of wine, revelry, and romance, as one might think when contemplating the concept “wine poem”.   Amid the celebration and revelry, you will find poems that use wine as metaphors, fingers pointing to sometimes poignant, sometimes frivolous moons.  Partying and parting . . . good times and bad times . . . love, war, non-violence, and murder . . . friends, lovers, and children . . . the silly and the profound . . . the sacred and the profane . . . all somehow linked to a goblet, a bottle, a vineyard – to wine.

Does the mere mention of wine a wine poem make?  For the purposes of this project, not all "wine poems" serve-up wine as the main topic or the major metaphor.  Wine may serve is a single, yet vital, brush-stroke within a larger picture poetically painted.  Like on our tables, wine's role may be as an accompaniment to a larger feast that a poet presents.

Admittedly, this is a broad definition of the term “wine poem”, but it is one that makes more than a poetic conversation about “wine, revelry, and romance”, more than a compendium of drinking songs.  The wine poems presented here are as varied as to type, style, depth, and, yes, quality, as the wine selection in your favorite wine shop.  Practically every form and style of poetry is represented here, from epigrams to epics – from appellations that collectively cover our globe.

You will find within these webpages wine poems that rate among the finest examples of the poetic art.  These poems we haughtily classify as “Literature”:  those “fine wines” one must sip and savor, swashing the words around in one's mind (and mouth) a bit, in order to enjoy the depth and subtle flavors that the poet wishes to impart.  These poems will give you pause, leave you with the suspicion that there is more here than a quick gulp reveals.  With fine poetry, like fine wine, the imbiber must take his time.  Patience is a virtue.  Some poems call for quiet meditation: open them slowly and let them breathe.

Other wine poems are simple, clever turns of phrase – set to rhythm and rhyme.  These, which are not “easy” to write, are like the quaffing wines of Beaujolais: they tend to be light and a bit “fruity” (“flowery” is another “tasting note” that comes to mind).  Their aim is a quick smile, a moment's repast in our day.  This sometimes, perhaps most times, is enough.

Why exists to provide the wine-drinking public, wine professionals, and wine writers with a source for poetry that celebrates wine.  And while I suspect that most who find their way to these pages are drawn by the association of this website with their favorite beverage, this writer's motivation can be found in a pairing of a love for wine with a love for words – and poetry is that art form that celebrates the rhythms, the meaning, and the power of words.  If has achieved one of its nobler missions, as a visitor here, you have a new or a renewed apprecation for poetry.  (See:  A Word on Words for further thoughts on this topic).

The original idea for this site came as a result of my own wine poetry, all of which can be found at  While looking for a possible home for these poems, I was amazed at the amount of wine poetry that I found out there (see What Is A Wine Poem?).  I found many websites/blogs which featured a selection of favorite wine poems as part of their internet offerings.  There were others "out there" who shared my interest in both wine and poetry!

What I did not find was a website or an anthology dedicated to the wine poem.  Thus we have, the anthology, Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine, and our presence on the various social media platforms in which we participate (see upper-right corner of this page).  Share these pages and these poems with friends.  Include a wine poem (or a copy of Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine) with your next gift of wine.  Invite your friends to bring a wine poem to your next wine-tasting party, along with their favorite wine.  Or . . . simply enjoy them in your own moments of solitude or in an intimate moment with one who you hold dear - and a goblet of wine is always recommended.

Promoting Wine With Poetry

My first encounter with wine poetry came as a manager of a wine shop.  I would use wine poems in training classes and wine tastings.  My customers would find them in my store's newsletters, displays, bag stuffers, and advertisements.  I noticed an immediate appeal to the professionals and soon-to-be professionals (students – the drinking age was slowly morphing from 18 to 21 in those days), the coveted “core wine drinkers” that account for the majority of the wine consumed in any market.

The promotional applications of the wine poetry of are many.   Include a link to a wine poem page in your company's emails.  Embed a wine poem video in your website or blog.  Feature wine poetry in the design of your wine lists, displays, and other promotional materials.  People are drawn to read a poem – give them a reason to open your email, linger at your wine list, or pause again and again as they wander (and wonder) through your establishment.
  (See: Copyright and the Public Domain)

Linking to an individual wine poem's page is a tremendous way to promote wine with poetry (and vice-versa).  On a regular (no more than weekly) basis, the will feature a wine poem from this site on the various social media with which we participate (see upper right corner of this page).   At times, these choices will relate to the season or events of the day (for example, Joseph Mill's wine poem Nouveau was featured at the time of the annual release of  Beaujolais Nouveau in mid-November).  This is a great way for wine professionals to discover a wine poem to feature in their promotional materials and/or website. . . . simply push the "like" button.

The anthology based upon the poetry to be found at Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine, will soon be  available for bulk purchases through Spilt Wine Publishing Company at  This anthology is a perfect "add-on" at the register (in both virtual and "real world" stores), and would make a successful component of any "gift box" or "gift basket".  Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine is a great addition to anyone's wine library – the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast.

If you are in the wine biz and feature a page or poem from on your website, newsletter, place of business, etc. - I will be glad to acknowledge with a link at the Resources, Partners, and Links page, as well as well as through our presense in the various social media outlets.

Copyright And The Public Domain

The one criteria for a wine poem being archived at is that it it is legally permissable to do so. This is not a "share site" or any modern morphed variation thereof which seek to skirt copyright laws by means of identifying themselves as a "public share forum".  Each and every wine poem at this site is either in the public domain (the copyright has expired and not been renewed), or appropriate permissions from the copyright holder has been granted and duly noted. "Printable versions" of copyrighted poems are unavailable.  Some "share" features of copyrighted poems may be unavailable at the request of the copyright holder.

For those poems that are in the public domain, anyone is free to use them as they please. It is, however, proper and correct for one who uses public domain material to note their source for same.  I would certainly appreciate an acknowledgement – a toast if you will – to  See: Resourses, Partners, and Links for my "rasing of the goblet" to those resources, partners, and websites who have been instrumental in the success of this project.

The design, layout, and commentary to be found at
are under the protection of the copyright laws, as indicated at the bottom of each and every webpage within this site.  

For Wine Writers And Bloggers

Wine writers and bloggers will find within the pages of a wealth of material to feature in their blogs, articles, webcasts . . . whether you "copy and paste" (use the "printable" version) or provide a direct link to a wine poem's webpage  – You're Welcome! . . . Thank you!   (See: Copyright and the Public Domain within this webpage, "Notes from the Webmaster", as well as Resources, Partners, and Links, another page within this site.)

Any wine writer or blogger who features or a page, video, etc from this site will gladly be mentioned at this site at the Resources, Partners, and Links page.  I will also show my gratitude with an acknowledgement through the platforms of the various social media on which we have a presence (see link at top of page).  Of course, I would also welcome any reviews of Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine!                                    

For more information or just to say "Hi!", email me at

A Word on Words

It is an amazing comment upon our times, that at the very moment when our capabilities to communicate with one another are at their highest, our abilities to do so are at their lowest.  I fear the magic of words is being lost to an entire generation. We are inundated by a modern hieroglyphics that substitutes emoticons, abbreviations, and acronyms for real words and whole sentences. It is no wonder that poetry, that art form where words really matter, has a smaller readership than in any time in the history of the printing press.

Acquiring an appreciation for poetry is not easy. As with wine, the poetic palate matures over time.  A preference for the simple, fruity, and flowery evolves into an appreciation for more complex and subtle flavors – drier, if you will, something beyond the sweet and sugary.  If has accomplished one of its nobler missions, you, dear reader, have a new or renewed appreciation for poetry.

This mission accomplished, the easiest place for you to turn is the internet. With a click of the mouse, not only will you be able to find more poetry from the poets presented here, but also a vast sampling that includes many of our finest poets of today (including audio and video renditions - the former being a modern-day enhancement that I hope to see available with all poetry books, including
Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine, in the near future). However, I highly recommend a trip to the bookstore, either by a traditional or electronic highways. Let the internet be your starting point, with the links you will find throughout this site and at the  Resources, Partners, and Links page of

Books in your home provide a service that no ISP can.  Books offer the possibility for discovery and sharing that is only possible in the three dimensional world of your home library.  Even the awesome portability and storage capacity of the electronic book does not replace the impact of rows of books lined up on a shelf.  This is especially important if you have children.  No greater gift can you give them than accessibility to those thoughts, those stories . . . those words that move you and your imagination.

Note:   There are signs of the resurgence of poetry.  The popularity of the “rap” music genre has made budding young poets out of many a tween and teen.  The emergence of “spoken word” artists, most widely known through the cable network HBO and its popular “Def Poetry” show, which enjoyed 6 seasons on the network (2002 through 2007), is another modern interpretation of the “poet and his lyre”.

- adapted from Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine, edited by Stephen H. Bass    
Webmaster, Stephen H. Bass
Stephen H. Bass

Special Note:
The opinions, thoughts, and observations expressed by the poets featured at are those of the poets, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, thoughts, or observations of
S. H. Bass,
the webmaster  of, or any of the partners, advertisers, affiliates, or associated entities (human or not) of  They do at times, however,  express the opinions, prejudices, and peccadiloes of a by-gone era – so give them (and me) a break!
- S. H. Bass

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