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Wine, women, and song” has been the battle cry of male revelers for over 200 years.  It hints at a hedonism that usurps the traditional mores of family and Church, while smacking of a chauvinism that would not widely be acknowledged until more recent generations. For some visiting this site, “Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” would replace this axiom in the 1960’s, giving us an even stronger anti-establishment rendition of the triad, while at the same time being gender inclusive.

There is the inclination to pardon the objectifying of women that this saying implies, with a nod and a wink at male immaturity.  After all, “boys will be boys!”  

However, to this reader, the wine poems that make-up this theme, celebrate a libido-driven revelry that is not foreign to the 21st century.  They speak to a drive for “fun and frolicking” that crosses timelines and, more openly today, gender barriers.  Mentally replacing “women” with “men” in the following verses does not weaken their message.  After all, “girls will be girls!” (See Will none say of Sappho by ancient Greek poetess Sappho for the only female contributor to this theme - so far)

If we accept that the voices who would sing these songs today would not necessarily be masculine, we complete the circle of political correctness by recognizing that no matter the mental gymnastics that one may go through, references to “women” or “men” in poetry of “fun and frolicking” is not necessarily a reference to an opposite gender.  Oh - the hell with it!  Let me stick my male heterosexual tail between my legs and add a simple addendum to the old saying that appeases at least a portion of the offended out there: “Wine, Women, and Song - No Men!”

- text adapted from Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine, edited by Stephen H. Bass  

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A Lyric To Myrth by Robert Herrick

A Toast by Bliss Carman and Richard Hovey 

Few things surpass old wine (from Don Juan) by Lord Byron  

Give me wine, women, and snuff by John Keats  ☺ A/V

Heavens! do you think this is a time by Hafiz (Le Gallienne)

Here is the creed of Omar  by Omar Khayyam (Le Gallienne) A/V

His Comrade by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Bowring)

Juan would question further (from Don Juan) by Lord Byron 

Last night, as half asleep I dreaming lay by Hafiz (Le Gallienne)

Maid Of Wu by Li Bai (Obata)

Mingle with the genial bowl from Translations of Anacreon by Lord Byron

My New Trinity by S. H. Bass   

O I've good news for you – the spring by Hafiz (Le Gallienne)

Oh, for a bowl of fat Canary by John Lyly

Room 5: The Concert Singer by Robert Service   A/V

Strew me a fragrant bed of leaves from Odes of Anacreon by Thomas Moore

The Confession Of The Archpoet by Unknown Medieval Poet (Waddell)

There's No Lust Like To Poetry by Unknown Medieval Poet (Symonds)

To Bacchus: A Canticle by Robert Herrick

To The Water Nymphs Drinking At The Fountain by Robert Herrick

When The Wine-Cup Is Smiling  by Thomas Moore

When thus I sit with roses in my breast by Hafiz

Will none say of Sappho by Sappho (Carman)

Wine, Women, and Song by Horace (Field)

Wine, Women, and Song by Johann Heinrich Voss

Verses from the Vine

vinted and bottled by Stephen H. Bass

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