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The theme "Tributes and Toasts" is about . . . tributes and toasts.
- S. H. Bass

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A Pledge To Hafiz by Bayard Taylor

College Drinking Song  by George Santayana

Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup by Du Fu (Obata)  ☺ A/V

Elegy Upon Anacreon by Abraham Cowley

Li Bai by Amy Lowell

My Boat Is on the Shore by Lord Byron

Omar Khayyam by Richard Le Gallienne

On a Wine of Horace's by Franklin P. Adams  

Sent As A Parting Gift by Li Bai

Table Song by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Bowring)

To Li Bai On A Spring Day by Du Fu (Obata)

To Meng Hao-jan by Li Bai (Obata)

The Bottles And The Wine  by George Santayana

The Thyrsus: To Franz Liszt by Charles Baudelaire (Sturm)

The Toast by Robert Burns

Two Poems Written As Parting Gifts by Li Bai (Lowell)

Verses to Clarida, with Drinking Glasses by Robert Burns

Whitman And Emerson by Marguerite Wilkinson

Verses from the Vine

vinted and bottled by Stephen H. Bass

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