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A First Encounter

Shadows of leaves cross her face as we recline in the backseat of my father's car. . . . in a impassioned lip-sync, we mouth the words to the Led Zeppelin tune I have on cassette. . . . I pass her the bottle of strawberry wine . . . she puts her slender fingers around the neck of the bottle and smiles . . . a stairway to Heaven."

"She" was Mary Jo, a beautiful, blue-eyed bible belt Southern girl.  We both knew better.  From the view of our Southern up-bringing, we were in the throws of a descent from Paradise, not an ascent along some "stairway to heaven".  But for now, that secluded country road, the "soda pop" wine, Zeppelin in the background, and each other to hold on to – this wilderness, this "wilder-ness", was Paradise enough.  Or, to put it another way:

A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread - and Thou
       Beside me singing in the Wilderness –
Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!
Omar Khayyam (1048 -1131)
translation by Edward FitzGerald (1809–1883)

Khayyam’s poetic picture is such a part of our "collective consciousness" that it has taken on mythic qualities, imbedding itself in the art and literature of every culture on every continent.  A "jug of wine" and a "book of verses" are practically archetypal in their strength to convey a universal message of romance.  The candle-lit dinner, the meeting of two pairs of eyes within the wilderness of a crowded tavern, the picnic by the lake . . . these are all classic "wine moments" that imbue our literature, our cinema, and our soap operas.

The wine poems within this theme deal with the whole gamut of love and romance.  Voices will speak to us of first meetings, homage, separation, love lost, and love that never, ever should have been.  The nature of love will be explored, along with it’s ugly underside.   There is even a surprise in here, a wine poem tribute to a love other than of the romantic sort.  Enjoy.  Sharing is highly recommended.

text adapted from Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine, edited by S. H. Bass

Special keys :  Now That's Funny!   © Copyrighted Material     A/V  Video

A Book of Verses underneath the Bough by Omar Khayyam   A/V

A broken cake, with honey sweet from Odes of Anacreon by Thomas Moore

A Decade by Amy Lowell

A Deep Sworn Vow by William Butler Yeats

A Drinking Song by William Butler Yeats  A/V

A Girl's Autumn Reverie by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

A Grace by Mary Carolyn Davies

A List by S. H. Bass  ©

A Love Song by D. H. Lawrence

A Sonnet Sequence by S. H. Bass  ©

Absence by Amy Lowell

After-Sensations by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Anticipation by Amy Lowell

Bacchanalia by S. H. Bass ©

Behold our host by Love depriv'd of rest by Callimachus

Buy With Bread . . . Sell With Cheese by S. H. Bass  ©

Come, sweetheart, come by Unknown Medieval Poet

Drinking Song by B. A. Gould, Jr.

Fill Me A Brimming Bowl by John Keats  A/V

Friend of my soul this goblet sip by Thomas Moore

Go from me. Yet I feel that I shall stand (Sonnet VI) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning  A/V

Hast thou forgotten  by Hafiz (Bell)   A/V

I filled to thee To thee I drank by Thomas Moore

I Find by Witter Bynner

If sober, and inclin'd to sport by Callimachus ©

If Wine and Music Have The Power by Matthew Prior

Introductions Made Easy by Joseph Mills  ©  

Is it indeed so?  If I lay here dead (Sonnet XXIII) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning   A/V

Lippo by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Love's Banquet by Sappho

Maenad by Anthony Beal  ©

Mingle with the genial bowl from A Translation of Anacreon by Lord Byron

Mystery by D. H. Lawrence

No! Saki – take the wine away by Hafiz (Le Gallienne)

Not one is filled with madness like to mine  by Hafiz (Bell)  A/V

Nouveau by Joseph Mills  ©

Now the star of day is high from Odes of Anacreon by Thomas Moore

Our Vintage Years by S. H. Bass  ©

Separation by Li Qingzhao (Wang)

Sophisticates by Anthony Bea©

Somewhere In The Wine by S. H. Bass  ©

Song by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Spilt Wine by S. H. Bass  ©

The Discovery by S. H. Bass  ©

The Feast Of Spring by Hafiz (Whinfield)

The fragrance of faded plum blossoms by Li Qingzhao (Wang)

The Giver by Sara Teasdale

The Good Nights by Jospeh Mills  ©

The Hypocrite by Witter Bynner

The Love in her Eyes lay Sleeping by William Forster

The Poet's Wine by S. H. Bass  ©

The Prince by Josephine Daskam

The rose has flushed red  by Hafiz (Bell)   A/V

The Vine by James Thomson

The Wine Of Lovers by Charles Baudelaire  ©

Tis melancholy and a fearful sign (from Don Juan) by Lord Byron  

To Alcaeus by Sappho

To Celia by Ben Jonson   A/V

Veteran and Recruit by Edward Wentworth Hazewell

Vintage by Mary Carolyn Davies

Vintage by Amy Lowell

When Spring adorns the dewy scene from Odes of Anacreon by Thomas Moore

Which by Corinne Robinson

Wind from the east  by Hafiz (Bell)   A/V

The Dark Side:

Bacchanalian by Witter Bynner

Hymn To Beauty by Charles Baudelaire  ©

The Wine Of The Murderer by Charles Baudelaire  ©

The Coquette by Ella Wheeler Wilcox   A/V

Wisdom by Ernest Dowson

BOTTLED POETRY: Verses from the Vine
vinted and bottled by Stephen H. Bass

Love Poems

Love and Other Collisions
by Joseph Mills


 Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  with an introduction and notes
 by Stephen H. Bass

Sonnets from the Porte-Cochère
   by S. H. Bass

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