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Thou grow’st old—who does not?—but on earth what appears,
Whose virtues, like thine, still increase with its years?
- Lord Byron, talking to his wine
Fill The Goblet Again

Lord Byron talks to his wine!  Horace talks to his wine! (O Precious Crock).  Hell, in the poetry of Baudelaire (The Soul of Wine) and Henley (The Spirit Of Wine), their wine actually do the talking!  But let my kid catch me just one time in soliloquy with my favorite Cabernet and he’s ready to pack dad off to the old folks home!

Wine, as it ages, throws off unwanted sediment, leaving it less bitter and astringent.  I envy wine.

Ok . . . mid-life crisis over, or at least momentarily abated (I hope it’s mid-life).  The following poems are written by old farts who don’t know it, with one young whippersnapper who doesn’t want to get old (and he didn’t, I’m sorry to say.  See Resignation).

There is some fun stuff ahead . . . and I truly believe that about the human ageing process as well.  All we have to do is make it so!  Sit back in your rocker and enjoy the poems.  (All children should now skip to another theme.)
text adapted from Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine, edited by Stephen H. Bass

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A Farewell Banquet  by Li Bai (Lowell)

Aging by Joseph Mills  

An Altar Boy's Lament by S. H. Bass 

Away, away ye men of rules from Odes of Anacreon by Thomas Moore

Before The Cask of Wine  by Li Bai (Obata)

Born I was to meet with age by Robert Herrick

Epicurean by William James Linton

Sonnet "Lo, even as I passed" by Wallace Stevens

 Mix me, child, a cup divine from Odes of Anacreon by Thomas Moore

My New Trinity by S. H. Bass

On Being Sixty by Bai Juyi

Over The Wine by Victor Daley

Resignation by Bliss Carman & Richard Hovey

Ripened by the solar beam from Odes of Anacreon by Thomas Moore

Spring And Autumn by Thomas Moore

The Chrysanthemums by Bai Juyi (Waley)

The Lyre Of Anacreon by Oliver Wendall Holmes

The Third Day of the Third Lunar Month by Li Qingzhao (Wang)

Thinking Of The Past by Bai Juyi (Waley)

Tis true, my fading years decline from Odes of Anacreon by Thomas Moore

When I behold the festive train from Odes of Anacreon by Thomas Moore

Verses from the Vine

vinted and bottled by Stephen H. Bass

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