The standing corn is green
Sedulius Scottus (c. mid-9th century)
translated by Helen Waddell (1889-1965)

The standing corn is green, the wild in flower,
The vines are swelling, 'tis the sweet o' the year,
Bright-winged the birds, and heaven shrill with song,
And laughing sea and earth and every star.

But with it all, there's never a drink for me,
No wine, nor mead, nor even a drop of beer.
Ah, how hath failed that substance manifold,
Born of the kind earth and the dewy air!

I am a writer, I, a musician, Orpheus the second,
And the ox that treads out the corn, and your well-wisher I,
I am your champion armed with the weapons of wisdom and logic,
Muse, tell my lord bishop and father his servant is dry.

from Medieval Latin Lyrics by Helen Waddell

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