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picture of medieval scribe
Unknown Medieval Poet
c. 12th Century

Themes:  Wine, Women, and Song
                       Poetry and Poets

[stanza 1] Maro:  the Roman poet Virgil;  full name Publius Vergilius Maro

[stanza 2] Venus: the goddess of love.  Phoebus: Apollo, the god of poetry.
- S. H. Bass 

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There's No Lust Like To Poetry
Unknown Medieval Poet (c. 12th Century)
translated by John Addington Symonds (1840–1893), English poet

Sweet in goodly fellowship
Tastes red wine and rare O!
But to kiss a girl's ripe lip
Is a gift more fair O!
Yet a gift more sweet, more fine,
Is the lyre of Maro!
While these three good gifts were mine,
I'd not change with Pharaoh.

Bacchus wakes within my breast
Love and love's desire,
Venus comes and stirs the blessed
Rage of Phoebus' fire;
Deathless honor is our due
From the laureled sire:
Woe should I turn traitor to
Wine and love and lyre!

Should a tyrant rise and say,
"Give up wine!" I'd do it;
"Love no girls!" I would obey,
Though my heart should rue it.
"Dash thy lyre!" suppose he saith,
Naught should bring me to it;
"Yield thy lyre or die!" my breath,
Dying, should thrill through it!

from Wine, Women, And Song: Medieval Latin Students' Songs (1884)

Wine, Women, And Song: Medieval Latin Students' Songs (1884) by John Addinton Symonds
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BOTTLED POETRY: Verses from the Vine
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