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The Rhyme Maker
picture of medieval scribe
Unknown Medieval Poet
c. 12th Century

Theme:  Wine Drinkers

* Angers is a city in western France
** pannikins:  tin drinking cups
- S. H. Bass  

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The Abbot Adam of Angers
Unknown Medieval Poet (c. 9th century)
translated by Helen Waddell (1889-1965), English poet

Once there was an Abbot of Angers. *
And the name of the first man did he bear.
And they say he had a mighty thirst
Even beyond the townsmen of Angers.
Ho and ho and ho and ho!
Glory be to Bacchus!

He would have his wine all times and seasons
Never did a day or night go by,
But it found him wine-soaked and wavering
Even as a tree that the high winds sway
Ho and ho and ho and ho !
Glory be to Bacchus!

As to body was he incorruptible.
Like a wine that's spiced with bitter aloes.
And as hides are dressed and tanned with myrrh,
So was his skin deep-tanned with wine.
Ho and ho and ho and ho!
Glory be to Bacchus!

Nor did he like elegantly drinking
From a wine cup filled from the barrel.
Naught would do him but mighty pots and
pannikins. **
Pots and pans still greater than their species.
Ho and ho and ho and ho!
Glory be to Bacchus!

from Medieval Latin Lyrics (1928)

Medieval Latin Lyrics (1928)
by Helen Waddell
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