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Fill for me a brimming bowl
John Keats (1795-1821)

The Rhyme Maker
John Keats 1795 to 1821.
John Keats

Theme:  Love and Romance

Special Rhyme List:  Video

* Lethe: A river in Hades which has the power to make one forget the past if one takes a sip from it's waters.

** Arno: a river in Italy
- S. H. Bass   

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Fill for me a brimming bowl
John Keats (1795-1821), English poet
                                                                                reading of Keats' Fill for me a brimming bowl
Fill for me a brimming bowl
And let me in it drown my soul:
But put therein some drug, designed
To banish Woman from my mind:
For I want not the stream inspiring
That heats the sense with lewd desiring,
But I want as deep a draft
As e'er from Lethe's waves was quaffed; *
From my despairing breast to charm
The Image of the fairest form
That e'er my reveling eyes beheld,
That e'er my wandering fancy spelled.

'Tis vain! away I cannot chase
The melting softness of that face,
The beaminess of those bright eyes,
That breast - earth's only Paradise.

My sight will never more be blessed;
For all I see has lost its zest:
Nor with delight can I explore
The Classic page, the Muse's lore.

Had she but known how beat my heart,
And with one smile relieved its smart,
I should have felt a sweet relief,
I should have felt 'the joy of grief'.
Yet as a Tuscan 'mid the snow
Of Lapland thinks on sweet Arno, **
Even so for ever shall she be
The Halo of my Memory

written in August, 1814.  First published in 1905.

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