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Horace 65 to 8 bce
65-8 bce

Theme:  Friends

Other English translations:
Than you, O valued friend (Field)

In this poem, Horace is inviting his wealthy friend (and sponsor), Maecenas, to drop by and partake of a jar of Sabine wine that the poet has cellared in anticipation of such an event.  Horace “laid down” the wine on a memorable day in Maecenas' life: on the occasion of his return public life after one of his frequent illnesses, specifically to attend a Roman theatrical production.  The poor poet acknowledges that the wine he offers is inferior to those of the “choice Falernian fills”, but hopes that “Old Caecuban” (a term of endearment) will accept this invitation.
- S. H. Bass  

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Dear comrade in the days when thou and I (Martin)
Hold! hold! 'Tis for Thracian madmen (Martin)
No pomp of Persian feast (de Vere)
O precious crock (Martin)
See, Spring's companion, Thracian gales (Gladstone)
To A Jar Of Wine (Field)
To Quintus Dellius (Field)
Wine, Women, and Song (Field)

Tributes to Horace:
On A Wine Of Horace's by Franklin P. Adams

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Our common Sabine wine
Horace (65-8 bce), Roman poet
translation by Theodore Martin (1816-1909), Scottish poet

Our common Sabine wine shall be
The only drink I'll give to thee,
In modest goblets, too;
'Twas stored in crock of Grecian delf,
Dear knight Maecenas, by myself,
That very day when through
The theater thy plaudits rang,
And sportive echo caught the clang,
And answered from the banks
Of thine own dear paternal stream,
Whilst Vatican renewed the theme
Of homage and of thanks!
Old Caecuban, the very best,
And juice in vats Calenian pressed,
You drink at home, I know:
My cups no choice Falernian fills,
Nor unto them do Formiae's hills
Impart a tempered glow.

Ode 1.20 from Horace


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