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Robert Herrick
Robert Herrick

Theme:  Partying

Special Rhyme List:  Now That's Funny!

There are two poems in Herrick's arsenal of wine poems that are entitled "A Hymn to Bacchus", titles which I did not employ here for clarity purposes.  This is one.  The other is I sing thy Praise, Iacchus.
- S. H. Bass  

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Born I was to meet with age

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How He Would Drink His Wine

I fear no earthly powers

I sing thy praise, Iacchus

Meat Without Mirth

The Hock-Cart Or Harvest Home

The Welcome To Sack

To Bacchus: A Canticle
To Live Merrily And To Trust To Good Verses
To Sir Clipseby Crew
To The Water Nymphs
To Youth
When He Would Have His Verses Read

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Bacchus, let me drink no more
Robert Herrick (1591-1674), English poet

Bacchus, let me drink no more!
Wild are seas that want a shore!
When our drinking has no stint,
There is no one pleasure in't.
I have drank up for to please
Thee, that great cup, Hercules.
Urge no more; and there shall be
Daffodils giv'n up to thee.

“A Hymn To Bacchus” from The Hesperides & Noble Numbers (1898)

The Hesperides & Noble Numbers (1898)
by Robert Herrick

Free E-Book from Project Gutenberg


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