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Du Fu
Du Fu

Themes:  Poetry and Poets
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Other English translations:
Thinking Of Li Bai On A Spring Day (Lowell)

Du Fu is also known as Tu Fu

Li Bai, to whom this poem is addressed, was a contemporary of Du Fu and is a major contributor to

Yui and Pao were poets, contemporaries of Du Fu and Li Bai.
- S. H. Bass  

Special Note:  The Wine Poems of China

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A Toast for Mng Yn-ch’ing  (Lowell)
Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup  (Obata)

Sent To Li Bai As A Gift  (Lowell)

To Li Bai  (Obata)

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To Li Bai On A Spring Day
Du Fu (712-770), Chinese poet
Translated by Shigeyoshi Obata (1888-1971)

Bai, the poet unrivaled,
In fancy's realm you soar alone.
Yours is the delicacy of Yui,
And Pao's rare virility.
Now on the north of the Wei River
I see the trees under the vernal sky
While you wander beneath the sunset clouds
Far down in Chiang-tung.
When shall we by a cask of wine once more
Argue minutely on versification?

from The Works of Li Po, the Chinese Poet (1921)

The Internet Archive  The Works of Li Po,
  the Chinese Poet (1921)

   translated by Shigeyoshi Obata (1888-1971)

Free E-Book from The Internet Archive


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