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Eugene Field
Eugene Field

Theme:  Wine Drinkers

Special Rhyme List:  Now That's Funny!

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A Rhineland Drinking Song III
Eugene Field (1850-1895), American writer/poet

How cool and fair this cellar where
My throne a dusky cask is!
To do no thing but just to sing
And drown the time my task is!
The cooper, he's
Resolved to please,
And, answering to my winking,
He fills me up
Cup after cup
For drinking, drinking, drinking.

Begrudge me not this cozy spot
In which I am reclining –
Why, who would burst with envious thirst
When he can live by wining?
A roseate hue seems to imbue
The world on which I'm blinking;
My fellow men -- I love them when
I'm drinking, drinking, drinking.

And yet, I think, the more I drink,
It's more and more I pine for –
Oh such as I (forever dry!)
God made this land of Rhine for!
And there is bliss
In knowing this,
As to the floor I'm sinking;
I've wronged no man,
And never can,
While drinking, drinking, drinking!

#3 of Three Rhineland Drinking Songs from Hoosier Lyrics (1905)

Eugene Field

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