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The Rhyme Makers
Bliss Carman

     Bliss Carman


      Richard Hovey

Theme:  Wine Musings

Special Rhyme List:  Now That's Funny!

The wine poems credited to Bliss Carman and Richard Hovey at are from Songs of Vagabondia (1894), a book copyrighted jointly by Carman and Hovey.  Bliss Carman went on to become one of the leading poets of his native Canada.  He also appears here as a translator of the ancient Greek poetess Sappho.  Richard Hovey died of complications from minor abdominal surgery, at a time when he was just coming into his own as a poet.  He was 35.
- S. H. Bass  

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A Toast

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The Mote
Bliss Carman (1861-1929), Canadian poet
Richard Hovey (1864-1900), American poet

Two shapes of august bearing, seraph tall,
Of indolent imperturbable regard,
Stood in the Tavern door to drink. As the first
Lifted his glass to let the warm light melt
In the slow bubbles of the wine, a sunbeam,
Red and broad as smoldering autumn, smote
Down through its mystery; and a single fleck,
The tiniest sun-mote settling through the air,
Fell on the grape-dark surface and there swam.

Gently the Drinker with fastidious care
Stretched hand to clear the speck away. "No, no!" -
His comrade stayed his arm. "Why," said the first,
"What would you have me do?" "Ah, let it float
A moment longer!" And the second smiled.
"Do you not know what that is?" "No, indeed."
"A mere dust-mote, a speck of soot, you think,
A plague-germ still unsatisfied. It is not.
That is the Earth. See, I will stretch my hand
Between it and the sun; the passing shadow
Gives its poor dwellers a glacial period.
Let it but stand an hour, it would dissolve,
Intangible as the color of the wine.
There, throw it away now! Lift it from the sweet
Enveloping flood it has enjoyed so well;"
(He smiled as only those who live can smile)
"Its time is done, its revelry complete,
Its being accomplished. Let us drink again."

from Songs from Vagabondia (1894)


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