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 Keep abreast of updates and new additions to will use these sites to  feature wine poems and wine poem videos appropriate or related to holidays or current events . . . suggestions for sharing with friends, family , or through your on website or business communications.  

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The original videos of come from The Vintage Wine Poems Channel on YouTube, where you will find them all lined-up for  easy viewing.  You may also want to check-out the  "liked" videos posted there . . . kindred spirits.   Feel free to share these videos on your favorite social media site or in your own website or blog. Click the "share" feature.  Embedding is also permitted on all original videos of   There are also means of engaging in discussion (public) or contacting us with a message.
Vintage Wine Poems on Pinterest on Pinterest features six (6) "boards" of  images taken from this website:
This is a unique alternative way  to browse the pages of  Discussion and messaging are also available in this forum.

Perhaps, someday ("in a moment"), there will be nice little forms with all sorts of  buttons and neat 21st Century "stuff" on it by which you can contact unidentifiable persons at  For right now . . . it is just me, Steve.  So, until such time that the volume of communications warrant cute little buttons and forms (translation: when I am buried in e-mails):  1. choose the appropriate email address below  2. "right click on it"  3. "copy email address"  4.  email me.


Use this address if you have general comments about, complaints, or spot an error that you need to bring to my attention.  Consider posting on one (or all) of our social media pages (see top of page) if your note is suitable for such a public forum.

If you are a blogger, webmaster, media mogul . . . .and would like to do an article/segment/movie-length feature about - use this email address.  If you feature a poem or page from, I will be glad to acknowledge so here with a link at the Resources, Partners, and Links page, as well as through our various social media sites.

If you are in the wine biz and feature a page or poem from on your website, newsletter, place of business, etc. - I will be glad to acknowledge with a link at the Resources, Partners, and Links page, as well as on the various social media on which we have a presence.  If you are interested in selling the anthology Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine or making this book part of a gift package - VISIT SPILT WINE PUBLISHING COMPANY  at 
 Spilt Wine Publishing Compaany

See: "What Is A Wine Poem?" at  
A Note from the Webmaster: S. H. Bass for the loose guidelines that constitute a "wine poem" here at  Hopefully, volume will dictate that a "submissions form" will be needed to handle the volume of  submissions to in the near future.

Poetry Lovers:  If you have a favorite wine poem that I have missed, and the wine poem is in the public domain (including the English translation, (the poem may be in the public domain in its original language,  and the translation may be copyrighted), send me a copy along with the original place (book or magazine) of publication and the date of publication.  If the poem is copyrighted, you may propose it for posting here, but I will need to get the permission of the copyright holder in order to do this.  If  it is OK with you, a "submitted by" tag will be placed with the poem (public domain only), which can include your title and place of business (if appropriate).  Keep in mind that is aware of many wine poems that are copyrighted and is in the process of soliciting permission from these poets or their representatives for posting and promoting their work here.  

Poets/Un-published Works:  There is an old adage in the poetry world stating that there are more poets out there than there are poetry readers . . . a fact that is hard to denounce, although I do hope that will aid in increasing the population of both of these groups.  If you  have a poem that you would like to submit for consideration by, please feel free to submit.  Include a bit about yourself (age, gender, nationality . . . whatever) and the copyright or Creative Commons notice that you would like posted with your poem.  A video or audio version of the wine poem (dowload to YouTube) as an additional feature of the page will also be considered.  

Poets and or Poet's Representative/Published Works:  One of the nobler missions of is the promotion of  poets and poetry.   See the pages of Joseph Mills here at for and example of how a copyrighted poet's page may look.  All poets with a book-publishing history will be spot-lighted in the Wine Poet of the Moment feature, which appears on the homepage.  Links to poet's webpage and an Amazon link to books will be included.  Videos are also welcomed.  Include wording for copyright notice with submission as well as a contact method (phone number/e-mail).  Any published poet's webpage(s)  at will be removed  or edited at the copyright holder's request.  YouTube  videos are also welcomed.

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