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Anthony Beal

Theme Love and Romance
Special Rhyme List:  Copyrighted poetry

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Anthony Beal, American poet

We were young and wan,
And I lacked the palate for her nuances.
Her heat was palpable
But she was brash,
And my impatience
Was the death of compromise.
We met again a few years later,
And I marveled at how she’d matured.
Mellowed, she greeted me
With forgiving kisses, full-lipped kisses,
And I mourned at once
For early frosts,
For lost hours
We would never have back.
She tasted like sunrise unfolding
Across a valley green as a lime
And wet as the mouth of a laughing child.
Fireflies at play in the swirl of her hips,
Her chorus line legs
Spinning straw and fruit peels into gold,
She spun gold into remembrances
Best preserved in oak,
And danced with me all night,
Musing now and again on how we'd grown.

© 2015 Anthony Beal .  All Rights Reserved.

About Anthony Beal:
Anthony Beal is a food blogger and WSET3 wine scholar. The creator of Food, Wine, and Spirits Blog,, he currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area, and is a member in good standing of the American Institute of Wine & Food, the International Wine Guild, the Society of Wine Educators, and the French Wine Society.  Anthony has earned a Cellar Manager certification through the International Wine Guild as well as a Hospitality and Beverage Specialist Certificate from the Society of Wine Educators. When he isn’t cooking and/or eating delicious things, he enjoys traveling, reading, studying Japanese language and culture, and being a devoted husband and father.

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