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The Rhyme Maker
Charles Baudelaire
Charles Baudelaire

Theme:   Love and Romance

Le Vin des amants  (original French)

Other English translations:
The Wine of Lovers (1909 Scott)  A/V
The Wine of Lovers (1919 Sturm)

S. H. Bass also contributes original poetry to
- S.H. Bass  

Translator's Note:
“English verse by S.H. Bass . . .” is the translator's credit line that accompany seven (7) poems that are posted here at  As I struggled to choose poems for this site (and the anthology, Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine), the public domain translations (if any) that I discovered, I found lacking in some respect or another.  Frustrated, I thought “I could do a better job myself” – and so I did! 

There is an established tradition for poets using other's and/or verbatim translations to transmute foreign language poems into English verse. 

- S. H. Bass  

more Charles Baudelaire at

from Les fluers du mal (The Flowers of Evil):

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Prose poems:
Be Drunk* A/V
The Thyrsus:  To Franz Liszt

* multiple Englsh translations

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The Wine Of Lovers
Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867), French poet
English verse by S.H. Bass (b. 1956), American writer/poet

What splendor whirls our world around!
Unbridled, spur-less, without bound –
Let our mounts be the steeds of wine
For skies fantastic and divine.

Let us, like angels, though tortured be
By some delirious fantasy,
Pursue the distant mirages drawn
Over the crystal blue of the dawn.

A whirlwind sweeps us upon her wing
We balance ourselves on this wild thing
Rejoicing in our shared ecstasy.

At my side, my sister will be,
Surfing these winds – seeking extremes:
Chasing the Paradise of our dreams

from Bottled Poetry: Verses From The Vine, edited by Stephen H. Bass (Robinsonville, MS: Spilt Wine Publishing Co. 2013).   English translation copyright 2013 Stephen H. Bass.  All rights reserved.  Posted at with the permission of Stephen H. Bass.  


Les Fluers du Mal (The Flowers of Evil)
 by Charles Baudelaire / Richard Howard (trans.)

  French and English.  
  Award-winning translation


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