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Theme:   Carpe Diem

I couldn't find any details about this very prolific writer!  This guy or gal  is very old, and has written in numerous languages.  The name sounds Greek to me.
- S. H. Bass  

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Old Days
Anonymous in Harvard Advocate

Sing a song of old days,
Old days and true,
True days and bold days,
Deeds to dare and do.

Quarter-staff and buckles
Trip, turn and tread –
Tapped upon the knuckles,
Rapped upon the head.

Pouch and pocket-fillings,
Knavery and worse –
Oh, the crowns and shillings
In the miser's purse!

Tumbled into limbo,
Picking thro' the locks,
Fast with arms akimbo,
Stewing in the stocks.

Pretty maids a-laughing –
Here's to rosy lips,
Port and sherry quaffing
While the pottle drips.

Quaffing port and sherry,
Jolly roaring blades,
Making gay and merry
With the giddy maids.

Red blood and revel,
Murder, love, and fraud, –
Dancing to the devil,
Laughing to the Lord.

Bright gold and yellow,
Meek maids and bold,
Old wine and mellow –
Wine and maids and gold.

Light life and long life,
Brisk life and brave;
Strong life and wrong life,
Great to the grave.

Sing a song of old days,
Sing them back again;
Kill the canny, cold days,
Let us live like men.

from Cap And Gown: A Treasury of College Verse (1897)


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