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Cecco Angiolieri

Theme:   Praising Wine

Special Rhyme List:  Copyrighted poetry

Original Italian verse:
Tutto quest'anno ch', mi son frustato

S. H. Bass also contributes original poetry and more translations to
- S.H. Bass  

Translator's Note:
“English verse by S.H. Bass . . .” is the translator's credit line that accompany seven (7) poems that are posted here at  As I struggled to choose poems for this site (and the anthology, Bottled Poetry: Verses from the Vine), the public domain translations (if any) that I discovered, I found lacking in some respect or another.  Frustrated, I thought “I could do a better job myself” – and so I did! 

There is an established tradition for poets using other's and/or verbatim translations to transmute foreign language poems into English verse. 

- S. H. Bass  

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Over the past year, I have given up
Cecco Angiolieri (1260 - 1312), Italian poet
English verse by S. H. Bass (b. 1956) from a verbatim translation

Over the past year, I have given up
all the vices that I have, save one; 
I still drink.
God will have to excuse me for this
for when I awaken with a mouth
full of salt, who can resist the need
to bathe his palate with a sip of wine?
I prefer Greek or local wines,
for I dislike Spanish wine more than
when my woman drives me out of my house.
I thank the first man who made the wine.
It keeps me calm throughout the day.
Even the bad Spanish.
Even when I don't get drunk.

from Bottled Poetry: Verses From The Vine, edited by Stephen H. Bass (Robinsonville, MS: Spilt Wine Publishing Co. 2013).   English translation copyright 2013 Stephen H. Bass.  All rights reserved.  Posted at with the permission of Stephen H. Bass.


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