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The Rhyme Makers
image of Anacreon   Picture of George Gordon Lord Byron
    Anacreon                          Lord Byron

Themes   Wine, Women, and Song
                         Love and Romance

Lord Byron, the translator of this piece, also has his own wine poems at

*Jove (Roman mythology): also known as Jupiter, the supreme god. The counterpart of Zeus of Greek mythology.   Hebe (Greek Mythology): Cup-bearer to the Olympian gods.

** Cytherea (Greek mythology) is more widely known as Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. "Cytherea’s blooming Boy" refers to Cupid (or Eros), her son and the god of love and fertility.  Cupid was a mischievous chap, who enjoyed playing with people's emotions with his love potion tipped arrows.

*** The Graces were the three goddesses of beauty, charm, joy and overall well-being.  Their names: Thalia (Good Cheer), Euphrosyne (Mirth), and Aglaia (Splendor).

**** Lyaeus: Another name for Bacchus / Dionysus.
- S. H. Bass 

SPECIAL NOTE Anacreon and Anacreontic Poetry

More Anacreon at

from Odes of Anacreon by Thomas Moore
 A broken cake, with honey sweet  
 Away, away ye men of rules
 Fill me, boy, as deep a draft  
 Give me the harp of epic song    
 He, who instructs the youthful crew
 I care not for the idle state  
 I pray thee by the gods above
 If hoarded gold possest the power    
 Let us drain the nectared bowl
 Mix me, child, a cup divine    
 Now the star of day is high  
 Observe when mother earth is dry  
 Ripened by the solar beam    
 Sculptor, wouldst thou glad my soul    
 Strew me a fragrant bed of leaves 
 Tis true, my fading years decline    
 Vulcan! hear your glorious task  
 When Bacchus, Jove's immortal boy    
 When I behold the festive train    
 When my thirsty soul I steep  
 When Spring adorns the dewy scene
 When wine I quaff, before my eyes
 Within this goblet, rich and deep    
 Yes, be the glorious revel mine    

Anacreontics (imitations of Anacreon)
 Drinking by Abraham Cowley
 The Epicure by Abraham Cowley
 Friend of my soul this goblet sip by Thomas Moore
 I filled to thee To thee I drank by Thomas Moore
 Press the grape and let it pour by Thomas Moore

Tributes to Anacreon:
 Elegy Upon Anacreon by Abraham Cowley
 The Lyre Of Anacreon by Oliver Wendall Holmes
Mingle with the genial bowl
Ode 5 from A Translation from Anacreon
translated by Lord Byron (1788-1824), British poet

Mingle with the genial bowl
The Rose, the ‘flow’ret of the Soul,
The Rose and Grape together quaff’d,
How doubly sweet will be the draft!
With Roses crown our jovial brows,
While every cheek with Laughter glows;
While Smiles and Songs, with Wine incite,
To wing our moments with Delight.
Rose by far the fairest birth,
Which Spring and Nature cull from Earth –
Rose whose sweetest perfume given,
Breathes our thoughts from Earth to Heaven.
Rose whom the Deities above,
From Jove to Hebe, dearly love,*
When Cytherea’s blooming Boy,**
Flies lightly through the dance of Joy,
With him the Graces then combine, ***
And rosy wreaths their locks entwine.
Then will I sing divinely crown’d,
With dusky leaves my temples bound –
Lyaeus! in thy bowers of pleasure,****
I’ll wake a wildly thrilling measure.
There will my gentle Girl and I,
Along the mazes sportive fly,
Will bend before thy potent throne –
Rose, Wine, and Beauty, all my own.

from The Works of Lord Byron, Vol. 1 (1898)


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