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An Invitation
Alcaeus of Mytilene, Greek poet (6th Century bce)
translation by Sir William Jones (1746-1794)

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Alcaeus of Mytiliene
6th Century bce

Theme:  Praising Wine

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Alcaeus of Mytilene was an important Greek poet, credited with inventing the Alcaic verse. He was a contemporary of the poetess Sappho and very well may have been her lover.  See Sappho's wine poem To Alcaeus
- S. H. Bass

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An Invitation
Alcaeus of Mytilene (c620-6th century BCE), Greek poet 
translation by Sir William Jones (1746-1794)

Why wait we for the torches' lights?
Now let us drink while day invites.
In mighty flagons hither bring
The deep-red blood of many a vine,
That we may largely quaff, and sing
The praises of the god of wine,
The son of Jove and Semele,
Who gave the jocund grape to be
A sweet oblivion to our woes.
Fill, fill the goblet--one and two:
Let every brimmer, as it flows,
In sportive chase, the last pursue.

from Library Of The World's Best Literature: Ancient and Modern, Charles Dudley Warner (1829-1900), Editor, Connoissuer Edition Vol. I (1896)

Library Of The World's Best Literature:
Ancient and Modern | Vol 1 (1896)

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