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A Banquet Song
Alcaeus of Mytilene (6th Century bce)
translation by John Addington Symonds (1840-1893)

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Alcaeus of Mytiliene
6th Century bce

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Alcaeus of Mytilene was an important Greek poet, credited with inventing the Alcaic verse. He was a contemporary of the poetess Sappho and very well may have been her lover.  See Sappho's wine poem To Alcaeus
- S. H. Bass

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A Banquet Song
Alcaeus of Mytilene (c620-6th century BCE), Greek poet
translation by John Addington Symonds (1840-1893)

The rain of Zeus descends, and from high heaven
A storm is driven:
And on the running water-brooks the cold
Lays icy hold;
Then up: beat down the winter; make the fire
Blaze high and higher;
Mix wine as sweet as honey of the bee
Then drink with comfortable wool around
Your temples bound.
We must not yield our hearts to woe, or wear
With wasting care;
For grief will profit us no whit, my friend,
Nor nothing mend;
But this is our best medicine, with wine fraught
To cast out thought.

from Library Of The World's Best Literature: Ancient and Modern, Charles Dudley Warner (1829-1900), Editor, Connoissuer Edition Vol. I (1896)

Library Of The World's Best Literature:
Ancient and Modern | Vol 1 (1896)

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